Odd Tales


Behind Nowhere is a huge project that requires a lot of funding, time, and experience.

Since the success of our small cyberpunkjam game, The Last Night

We made the tough decision to postpone Behind Nowhere.

We decided to make The Last Night a real game first.

All the details on our company's website : www.oddtales.net

We are two brothers.

We are Tim & Adrien Soret.

We are making video games.

Behind Nowhere logo

A pixel art cinematic platformer.

A dark tale with no gameplay interruption.

Strange & moody art direction, revitalizing 2D pixel art

with modern technologies like dynamic lighting.

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Tribute to a forgotten genre : the action platformer.

Inspired by Another World, Flashback, Oddworld Abe's Odyssee, Heart of Darkness, and Limbo.

Made by two brothers based in Paris : Tim Soret & Adrien Soret

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Targeting PC, Mac, PS4. Behind Nowhere is postponed and we are working first on The Last Night.

All infos about The Last Night here : www.oddtales.net

You want updates about the game ? Let us know brothers@oddtales.com

Twitter : @timsoret & @adriensoret

Email : brothers@oddtales.net

Art : Tim & Adrien Soret

Animation : Tim & Adrien Soret

Story : Tim & Adrien Soret

Music : Laurent Lozano

Code : Kamran Khan

Game design : Tim & Adrien Soret

Engine : Unity